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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a bit like one giant park with coffee - a lovely place to relax and enjoy yourself while the kids play. There are two main playgrounds on the island that qualify as 'coffee' parks, and a number of other playgrounds around the island in amongst the accommodation areas.

Right by the beach in the main settlement area there is a great playground. Grownups can sit on the grass and look out at the ocean and the Perth skyline while the kids play and climb.  It is about 20 metres to coffee - there are 2 great places to go, the Dome Cafe is right across the grass from the playground and the Aristos Waterfront Restaurant is right next to the playground. Both do takeaway or dine in coffee.

The second playground area is a spacenet climbing frame in the Heritage Common, the big grass area next to the shopping mall in the settlement. It is about 10 metres from the famous Rottnest Bakery, which now sells coffee as well as great pies and cakes, and directly opposite Quokka Joe's cafe where you can have a sit down coffee or grab a takeaway.

The first two photos are the beachside playground, the third is the Heritage Common playground and the last is a photo of a quokka, no relevance to the playgrounds really but it had to be included!