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Point Walter

Point Walter Reserve is a fantastic place for playing, picnicking and swimming. 

The Walters River Cafe is right next to the playground, and it is possible to sit at the tables on the veranda of the cafe and watch the kids on the playground, if you like have your coffee in a proper cup. There is a kiosk attached to the cafe and it does snacks, icecreams and takeaway coffees. 

The playground near the cafe is a simple steel structure, and it has a shade sail.   Up the hill above the cafe (about 300 metres) there is another much larger and newer playground with a variety of interesting equipment.  Carrying two coffees up the hill without spilling them can be hard work. 

The cafe and lower playground are very close to the edge of the water.  There are lots of shady trees, grass and a narrow strip of beach.  Some of the trees shade the beach, so in a few places it is possible to build sandcastles and even paddle in the river out of the direct sun.  There is a jetty to walk out on, and at low tide the spit extends a long way out into the river.


Off Burke Drive Bicton


  • Playgrounds (2)
  • Toilets
  • Cafe 
  • BBQs (up the hill)


View from above  


The cafe and playground 


Picnic area